how we workCooperation Steps

Our clients do not choose us to create something ordinary. They choose us, because we listen carefully and with devotion so that we consequently create something unique based on their needs.

In order to create the best possible website, advertising campaign or corporate identity for a business, we must first learn more about it..

You are the expert in what you do and our work is to absorb your knowledge so that we apply it into your project.

At Infinitum Ideas LTD we adapt to our clients’ needs and we dedicate them as much time as they need in order to achieve the best possible results.


1. Acquaintance

The first step is to gather information about your business and its goals. Talk to us about your work and your services so that we understand which will be our target audience.


2. Presentation

In this stage we make an appointment in order to present our proposition in detail. Consequently, we inform you about the time schedule for the implementation of the project and the cost.


3. Research

Using the information which have been gathered, we make extensive research to develop an integrated solution that will be the best for your business.


4. Creation

Our team starts with the immediate implementation of the assigned project, maintaining constant communication so that you have a complete picture of the course of the development.